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ABNA Announces Chinese Canadian Legend Award 2016 Recipients

Press Release – September 8, 2016, Toronto The Asian Business Network Association (ABNA) is pleased to announce the six recipients of the 2016 Chinese Canadian Legend Award, in alphabetical order: Mr. Sunny Ho, Mr. Alan Kwong, Ms. Annie Kwok, Professor Jim Yuan Lai, Dr. Arthur Lau, and Ms. Teresa Woo-Paw.

The Award recognizes and honours Chinese Canadians who have made significant contributions to the community and Canada through outstanding achievements in their field.

Mr. Bammy Wong, President of the ABNA, says that this year is the 17th anniversary of Chinese Canadian Legend Award, and 100 recipients have been recognized, with their stories published in a book each year. Mr. Bammy Wong also says that ABNA is honoured to have former Senator Honourable Dr. Vivienne Poy and former Lieutenant Governor of Manitoba the Honourable Philip S. Lee as the Honorary Patrons of the Award, and former Awardee Mr. Glenn Chan as Honorary Chairman of the 2016 Award Gala. The Gala will be held on Nov. 12, 2016 at the Sheraton Parkway Toronto North Hotel.

Chinese Canadian Legend Organizing Committee Co-chair Ms. Alexandra Ngan highlights this year’s theme, ‘Change with Change to Succeed’, which is taken from a well-known TV Series: Limelight Years. “On the stage of life, there could be snares and traps, but if we don’t give up, we can turn our life around to be a beautiful success story. This embodies the spirit of Chinese Canadian Legend Award, and that is to rise above challenges in face of adversity, stay positive and give our best,” she said. “We hope that the legendary stories of our awardees will inspire and encourage all of us to rise above challenge and change with change to succeed in the face of adversity.”

Mr. Stanley Kwan, head of the selection committee, which consists of 22 members, 18 of them past award recipients, says the six recipients are selected after a rigorous evaluation process. The Committee considered nominees' personal struggles to succeed despite adversary conditions, their fearless and courageous spirit, achievements, contributions, and their motivating impact on their friends and the community. The entire nomination and selection process is rigorous, fair and transparent.

Mr. Dennis Au-Yeung, another Chinese Canadian Legend Organizing Committee Co-chair, says that this year’s Awardees represent a gamut of Chinese Canadians who genuinely deserve tribute from the community, be they winners of numerous awards, or unsung heroes who have yet to be acknowledged. That alone reiterates the commitment of Chinese Canadian Legend in discovering outstanding Chinese Canadians across Canada.

Recipients will receive accolades with the presentation of the award at the Gala, and their inspiring stories will be published in a book Chinese Canadian Legend. Mr. Stephen Siu, Chair of the Editorial Committee, says, “The Chinese Canadian Legend award sets itself apart from other awards, in that a book is published every year about the recipients. This year, the Editorial Committee has invited outstanding writers in town, Ms. Clorie Ng and Ms. Lucy Yang, to do the interviews and write the stories in Chinese. The English version is produced by Ms. Connie Woo.”

The book series are now being kept in the Richard Charles Lee Canada-Hong Kong Library at the University of Toronto, as well as the libraries at University of Ottawa, University of British Columbia, Simon Fraser University, and University of Victoria.

Mr. Bammy Wong says that ticket prices for the Chinese Canadian Legend Gala are: individual $200, corporate table: $2500. For inquiries, please call Ms. Camilla Tong at 416 292 6374 or visit www.abnaccl.ca.

2016 Chinese Canadian Legend Awardees Profile

Mr. Sunny Ho
Sunny Ho is a lawyer who started out in chemistry, but found his mission in life in charitable work. In order to build an unprecedented one-stop integrated community service center for the elderly, he faced the challenges head-on and made relentless efforts to raise funds, making himself a legend in charity marathons, overcoming obstacles to succeed and realize his dream. By actively giving back to the community, he continues to devote himself to community service, and aspires to be a bridge between the Chinese and mainstream community.

Mr. Alan Kwong
A self-made entrepreneur who founded his own company and made his way through the global financial tsunami with a will to weather the storm and regain his footing, Alan is the best portrayal of how to ‘change with change to succeed’. With a heart to contribute to the community, he has been sharing his entrepreneurial experience with other business people by being an active leader in the Association of Chinese Canadian Entrepreneurs. He also takes part in various community events as a way of giving back to society.

Ms. Annie Kwok
An expert in organizing large functions and galas, Annie has done pivotal work behind the scene for countless historic moments. With over 30 years’ experience in the hospitality industry, she has also been passionately sharing her expertise and dedicating herself to the community, extending her work from corporate events to volunteering at charitable events for both mainstream and the ethnic community. She also serves as a “cultural bridge” by facilitating exchanges between Canadian and Chinese businesses, and at the community level.

Professor Jim Yuan Lai
Currently Vice-Dean of Education at the largest dental school in Canada (University of Toronto), Professor Lai has made significant contributions to dental education to his community and country. In addition to his academic career, he has been actively involved in volunteer work over the past 30 years, including St. John Ambulance Ontario, currently serving as the Provincial Commissioner. He also serves as an Aide de Camp to the Lieutenant Governor of Ontario, and is an actively serving Major in the Canadian Armed Forces as a periodontist.

Dr. Arthur Lau
A world-renowned architect whose design has left an indelible imprint on human civilization over the last 50 years, Dr. Lau’s works ranged from the Montreal World Expo to large buildings, private homes in various Canadian cities, and the first Bethune Exhibition in Montreal. Yet, his vision goes beyond building cities to helping the community; actively supporting health care and education, especially in the Chinese community. His achievements were recognized by numerous honours including the Order of Canada in 2000.

Ms. Teresa Woo-Paw
For 40 years, Teresa has been working in different capacities to fight for the rights of minorities and promote multicultural services, bringing about many positive changes in Alberta and Canada. Since immigrating to Alberta in the 1970s, she has built a career in community work, as a founder and volunteer for many non-profit organizations. In the 1990s, she was elected as a school trustee on the Calgary Board of Education, and in 2008 became the first Asian woman elected as a Member of the Legislative Assembly (MLA) in Alberta.


(9月8 日,多倫多訊) 由華商網絡協會主辦的「紅楓傳奇」人物選拔,經甄選團的嚴謹評選,今日正式公佈2016年度的6位得獎人,依英文姓氏字母順序為:何志立律師、鄺國雄先生、郭清華女士、黎瞻遠教授、劉聚富博士及鮑胡嫈儀女士(參看附件簡介)。


「紅楓傳奇」籌委會共同主席顏惠霞律師表示:「舉辦『紅楓傳奇』人物選拔的主要目的,是藉著表揚對社會有卓越貢獻的傳奇人物,激勵大家發揮積極面對人生、逆境自強及愛心助人的『紅楓』精神。2016『紅楓傳奇』的主題是『華麗轉身締傳奇』,勉勵大家在人生舞台上即使遇到困難,也不要氣餒,在絶地也可轉身; 不但可以轉身,更可以華麗轉身,克服逆境,自我增值,改變命運。希望得獎人的傳奇故事能振奮人心,啟迪大家在逆境中活出自我,締造精彩的人生傳奇。」

甄選團主席特許會計師關保衛表示:「『紅楓傳奇』人物選舉不設任何界限, 亦不論財富、名望、成就、性別、年齡、或學歷﹔由甄選團嚴謹評選。甄選準則著重個人於逆境中奮發向上,啟發世道人心,對國家、社會、社區有卓越的貢獻,並對社群有積極影響和激勵作用。今年甄選團由主席連同22位成員,其中18位為『紅楓傳奇』前得獎者,經過嚴格的評審,選出上述6位得主。」




王昆明會長表示,6位得獎人的勵志故事,即將編印及出版成《紅楓傳奇》第17輯專書,並於2016「紅楓傳奇」頒獎晚宴上派送各來賓。晚宴票價:個人$200,公司每桌$2,500。查詢請電:何湯淑芬(Camilla Tong)416-292-6374,或瀏覽華商網絡網址www.abnaccl.ca


從專修化學系到法律系, 成為律師,進而在慈善活動中找到人生目標; 何志立幾度華麗轉身,而始終不忘初心,堅持回饋社區; 既為社團提供法律諮詢與援助, 也直接幫助慈善組織、服務社區和弱勢社群。為了幫助長者,積極籌建一座加拿大前所未有的一站式綜合社區服務中心,還挑戰極限,締造一己的慈善馬拉松傳奇。作為移居加國30多年的移民,他了解移民遭遇的困難及挫折,希望成為華裔和主流社區間的橋樑。

在創業和人生路上, 鄺國雄走過路直、路彎, 以至急轉彎;經歷一次席捲全球的金融海嘯, 把自己創立的公司成功轉型,重新站穩腳步, 公司曾在創業協進會舉辦的加拿大傑出華裔創業家選舉中獲得「最佳國際商業獎」。他也隨之以回饋社會之心, 把創業和營商的實戰經驗與其他商家和後之來者分享, 推己及人, 積極參與創業協進會。面對風雲變色, 起與跌, 他一直持守自己選上的路,走出困境, 可說是「華麗轉身締傳奇」的最佳寫照。

投身酒店業30多年的郭清華, 不但是一位籌備宴會和款客服務的專家, 也是各種大型活動、舉足輕重盛事的幕後功臣,曾參與締造了不少歷史時刻。她又把豐富的專業知識和經驗獻給社群,從盛事延伸至善事, 義務協助社區籌劃高水平的慈善活動, 不分主流或族裔社群。此外, 又致力促進主流與華裔、商界、社區之間的聯繫,以建立文化橋樑為己任,還熱衷於教導下一代, 為「款待業」 賦予新的意義。

在加拿大牙醫教學界,黎瞻遠教授的地位角色都可說是獨一無二。作為多倫多大學牙醫學院教學的副院長, 他是這全加最大牙醫學院有史以來最年輕的副院長,也是全加至今唯一取得教育博士學位的牙醫。除了獻身牙醫教學,他對社會服務的貢獻也不遑多讓; 20多年來一直參與聖約翰救護機構,現任機構的安省總監; 還加入國家後備軍,在軍中專治牙周病。此外, 還義務擔任安省省督副官。凡此種種,都體現為人群服務的精神。

著名建築師劉聚富博士, 在過去半世紀為人類文明建構了不少基業; 從世界博覽會會場到加國各個省的大型建築物和私家住宅, 以至對華人別具意義的蒙特利爾著名地標白求恩廣場,都是他設計與規劃的得意之作。然而,他的視野和胸懷超越了華麗文明的建築; 抱持關懷社稷之情,扶助社區發展醫療和教育, 尤其關心華人社區需要,充分體現建立以身心為本的人文精神。其貢獻曾獲加拿大榮譽勛章(2000年)表揚。

40年來, 鮑胡嫈儀一直以不同身份為少數族群爭取權益, 推動多元文化服務,帶來不少正面改變, 可說是少數族群的聲音、多元文化的先鋒。從70年代移民到華人稀少的亞伯達省, 便開始投身社區工作,擔任義工, 繼而在80年代創立和參與多個社區組織, 90年代晉身教育局成為委員, 至2008年當選亞省省議員及成為内閣廳長, 角色雖然輪流轉, 卻是「轉而不離」, 始終如一地推動社會公義、公民參與、跨文化包容及共融。

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