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六人獲2017「紅楓傳奇」人物獎 英文發佈稿

ABNA Announces Chinese Canadian Legend Award 2017 Recipients

六人獲2017「紅楓傳奇」人物獎 中文發佈稿

ABNA Announces Chinese Canadian Legend Award 2017 Recipients

Press Release

ABNA Announces Chinese Canadian Legend Award 2017 Recipients

(August 23, 2017, Toronto) The Asian Business Network Association (ABNA) is pleased to announce the six recipients of the 2017 Chinese Canadian Legend Award, in alphabetical order: Mr. Arnold Chan, Mr. Shaun Chen, Mr. Robert Ho, Ms. Shirley Hoy, Master Chi Ping Lee, and Mr. Benson Sy.

The Award recognizes and honours Chinese Canadians who have made significant contributions to the community and Canada through outstanding achievements in their field.

Mr. Bammy Wong, President of the ABNA, says that this year is the 18th anniversary of Chinese Canadian Legend Award, and 106 recipients have been recognized, with their stories published in a book each year. Mr. Bammy Wong also says that ABNA is honoured to have former Senator Honourable Dr. Vivienne Poy and former Lieutenant Governor of Manitoba the Honourable Philip S. Lee as the Honorary Patrons of the Award. The Gala will be held on October 28, 2017 at the Sheraton Parkway Toronto North Hotel.

Organizing Committee Co-Chair Alexandra Ngan says that 2017 is a special year as it marks the 150th Anniversary of Canada. This year's theme "Our Country, Our Legends" celebrates this historic year as we reflect upon our challenges and successes in the past as Chinese Canadians and renew ourselves for the future. “We hope that the legendary stories of our awardees will inspire all of us to manifest our unique Chinese culture in this multicultural country while integrating into mainstream and create more legends in Canada, our beloved country we proudly call home,” she said.

Mr. Stanley Kwan, head of the selection committee, which consists of 22 members, 18 of them past award recipients, says the six recipients are selected after a rigorous evaluation process. The Committee considered nominees' personal struggles to succeed despite adversary conditions, their fearless and courageous spirit, achievements, contributions, and their motivating impact on their friends and the community. The entire nomination and selection process is rigorous, fair and transparent.

Mr. Glenn Chan, Chair of Operation Committee, says that this year’s Awardees represent a gamut of Chinese Canadians who genuinely deserve tribute from the community, be they winners of numerous awards, or unsung heroes who have yet to be acknowledged. That alone reiterates the commitment of Chinese Canadian Legend in discovering outstanding Chinese Canadians across Canada.

Recipients will receive accolades with the presentation of the award at the Gala, and their inspiring stories will be published in a book Chinese Canadian Legend. Mr. Stephen Siu, Chair of the Editorial Committee, says, “The Chinese Canadian Legend award sets itself apart from other awards, in that a book is published every year about the recipients. This year, the Editorial Committee has invited outstanding writers in town, Ms. Clorie Ng and Ms. Annie Jin, to do the interviews and write the stories in Chinese. The English version is produced by Ms. Connie Woo.”

The book collections are now being kept in the Richard Charles Lee Canada-Hong Kong Library at the University of Toronto, as well as the libraries at University of Ottawa, University of British Columbia, Simon Fraser University, University of Victoria, McGill University and Hong Kong Baptist University.

Mr. Bammy Wong says that ticket prices for the Chinese Canadian Legend Gala are: individual $200, corporate table: $2500. For inquiries, please call Ms. Camilla Tong at 416 292 6374 or visit www.abnaccl.ca.

2017 Chinese Canadian Legend Awardees Profile

Mr. Arnold Chan

In the relative short time frame of two years since Arnold Chan won a by-election in 2014 to be Member of Parliament, he has been appointed Deputy House Leader of the Government, becoming the first Chinese Canadian to assume that position. He jumped into the political arena when he was only sixteen years old. From that point onward, he immersed himself in political and national affairs, fulfilling the duties of citizenship with a passion. After his successful re-election in October 2015, he has continued his parliamentary work while battling illness, setting a courageous example for all Chinese Canadians.

Mr. Shaun Chen

Passionately serving the community since high school, Shaun Chen cares deeply about social equity issues and aspires to create a more inclusive social environment by breaking down barriers. He has inherited the traditional Chinese values of diligence, resilience and humility from his family, and at the same time firmly supports Canada’s core values of equality and multiculturalism. He believes that education is key to ensuring that everyone has equal opportunities for success. From the role of a TDSB trustee to that of a federal MP, Shaun has carried the same passion to build understanding among ethnic groups with success: he protected ESL funding for immigrant children, enhanced TDSB’s transparency and accountability, and promoted awareness of the history about Nanking Massacre in schools as well as among the public.

Mr. Robert H. N. Ho

Born to a prominent family, Mr. Robert H. N. Ho didn't stop at building the family business empire. He also founded a charity : the "Robert H. N. Ho Family Foundation" to promote Chinese culture and art as well as Buddhist philosophy around the world. The foundation also funded a number of medical initiatives. Since he moved to Canada, he has focused on philanthropic work. In 2013, he was awarded the highest honor in British Columbia: "The Order of British Columbia". His conviction is exactly the same as the mission of his foundation: to educate the whole person, to help others with love from the heart, and to bring about positive change to the world.

Ms. Shirley Hoy

She has served in the City of Toronto and the Ontario provincial government in different capacities for over 30 years, starting from the grassroots level up to the top bureaucrat position of the city. Shirley has sweat, blood and tears in public administration and public service development. A hero behind best government practices, she was appointed City Manager of Toronto in 2001. In 2004 she was elected one of "Canada’s top 100 outstanding women". She also extended her public service to higher education and community work. In 2016, she was appointed Chair of the Governance Council at the University of Toronto, and this year she serves as Chair of the Board of Trustees at the United Way of Greater Toronto and York Region. Shirley is truly a role model for all Chinese Canadians contemplating a public service career.

Master Chi Ping Lee

Singer, composer and teacher, Master Chi Ping Lee is the founder of Chinese Artists Society of Toronto, the largest association of Chinese artists in North America. It is a platform for Chinese artists to showcase their talent, exchange ideas, support and learn from each other. He is also the founder of Popular Music Club, inviting fellow teachers to teach singing there, breaking down barriers for colleagues to launch their teaching career and meet other music lovers. His open-minded optimism, integrity, and willingness to help others and serve the community, have inspired and won the love and respect of colleagues, students and the community. His unique teaching methods have attracted students from local and afar. Now approaching 80, Master Lee stays active in the music community, continuing to make great contributions through promoting Chinese culture, enriching life in Canada for all of us.

Mr. Benson Sy

Since establishing his own company and dedicating himself to serving the community, Benson Sy has not taken a break in over 20 years. Every year he organizes the Greenfield Golf Charity Tournament to promote kidney knowledge and raise funds for the Kidney Foundation of Canada. He helped establish Chinese Renal Association to provide help and support for Chinese kidney patients. Benson also founded the ‘Kickstart to a New Career’ seminar series, to help Chinese Canadian youths and their families choose the right career, and integrate better into society. A firm believer in the concept of ‘paying it forward’, he does not care about fame or profit. Instead, he focuses steadfastly on contributing to the community as much as he can. With community service an integrated part of his life, Benson writes a legendary chapter in our history.

情繫家國 功在社群 - 六人獲2017「紅楓傳奇」人物獎

(2017年8月23日,多倫多訊) -- 由華商網絡協會主辦的「紅楓傳奇」人物獎,為慶祝加拿大立國150年,今年特以「情繫家國締傳奇」為主題,選拔實至名歸的獲獎者。主辦單位今日(星期三)正式公佈2017年度的6位得獎人,依英文姓氏字母順序為:陳嘉諾先生、陳聖源先生、何鴻毅先生、許湯娛英女士、李治平先生、施永輝先生(請參看下頁獲獎者簡介)。


「紅楓傳奇」籌委會共同主席顏惠霞律師表示:「今年是加拿大150 周年國慶,所以採用『情繫家國締傳奇』為主題,一起歡慶與回顧加國華人過去取得的成就,以及表揚那跨越挑戰、再接再勵、迎難而上的精神。希望得獎人的卓越貢獻和傳奇故事,能激勵大家以不屈不撓的『紅楓』精神,在這個我們選擇作為家的多元文化國家,於融入主流之同時,亦發揚我們獨特的中華文化,一起締造更多更精彩的家國傳奇。」

甄選團主席特許會計師關保衛表示:「『紅楓傳奇』人物選舉不設任何界限, 亦不論財富、名望、成就、性別、年齡、或學歷﹔由甄選團嚴謹評選。甄選準則著重個人於逆境中奮發向上,啟發世道人心,對國家、社會、社區有卓越的貢獻,並對社群有積極影響和激勵作用。」今年甄選團由主席連同22位成員組成,其中18位為『紅楓傳奇』前得獎者。




今屆「紅楓傳奇」6位得獎人的勵志故事,即將出版成第18輯專書,並於2017「紅楓傳奇」頒獎晚宴上派送各來賓。「紅楓傳奇」頒獎晚宴將於10月28日假烈治文山喜來登酒店舉行。晚宴票價:個人$200,公司每桌$2,500。查詢請電:何湯淑芬(Camilla Tong)416-292-6374,或瀏覽華商網絡網址www.abnaccl.ca



從當選參政至今不到兩年,陳家諾即由一位在補選中勝出的國會議員,晉身成為第一位獲委 任為加拿大國會下議院執政黨副領導議員(Deputy House Leader)的華人。早在16歲時,他己加入政黨,從此全心關注國政民情、竭盡公民本份,直至當選後,全力任政議政,即使身患癌症,仍一邊與病魔博鬥,一邊繼續工作,燃盡每一分力,成為加國華裔的模範。




生於顯赫家族的何鴻毅先生,沒有止於為家族生意再建功勳,創辦了慈善機構「何鴻毅家族基金」,致力在世界各地推廣中華文化、藝術和佛教哲理,亦資助多項醫療服務。自移居加國以後,更專注於慈善事業。2013年獲頒卑詩省最高榮譽「卑詩勳章」。他的信念與其基金的宗旨如出一轍: 以全人教育提升自我,以關愛之心助人,為世界帶來積極正面的影響。




歌唱家李治平先生創辦北美最大華人藝術家專業機構 - 多倫多華人藝術家中心,為華人藝術家免費提供施展才華和交流學習的平臺;創辦歌藝會,摒棄門戶隔閡,邀請同行共同授業,以歌會友。他高風亮節,豁達樂觀,以幫助他人、服務社會為樂;教唱有方,桃李滿門,深受同行、學生和社會各界人士的尊重愛戴;年近八旬仍活躍於音樂和社區公益事業中,為弘揚中華文化、豐富加國生活,作出卓越貢獻。



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